OneWork strength in technologies such as 3D BIM (Building Information Modeling) GIS (Geographic Information System) CAD data automation & lightweight conversion / AI algorithms / IOT data and hardware integration / real time data and AI integration

Create sustainable and livable building environment with digital intelligence
Digital twin is to make full use of BIM model, IOT data, operation history and other data from physical world, integrate multi-discipline, multi-physical quantity, multi-scale, multi-probability simulation process, refle ting the full life cycle of the corresponding physical equipment process in the virtual space to  improve management efficiency

Reproduce the real dynamic state of the historical big data (various operating data of the building)

Events  Ebergy consumption
Work performance   IOT hostory  Auditing

Resource planning  onsite   incidents
Realtime monitoring

Energy consumption forecast  
Equipment life cycle forecast
Decision support

Real-time feedback of various facility data (energy consumption, operation and maintenance status, personnel, events, etc.)

Predictive technology to display various types of virtual operation data of buildings.

BIM & Digital Twin
What can digital twin help in smart cities
PaaS data resource mgnt

Design BIM / Construction BIM / CityGML / Facility COBie

UI fiow / Facility mgnt / BIM engine / ML & analysis

Solution package
AEC data
 (BIM / ERP / MES / CRS / BAS / FM)
AEC packages
(BIM platform / 3D algorithm / topology….)
AEC data & analysis
(webGL / visualization / data classification / mobile APP / ML)
Energy    Assets    Facility     Operation    Security
M2M platform (IIoT,edge computing,storage,intranet,internet)
PLC data Collection    Protocol    Signal / Process    Midway     Event
Smart AEC Solution + Data Package