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For government & real estate projects, such as social housing, infrastructures, private own assets , we use BIM / NLP text analysis / CAD lightweight conversion / big data search technologies is used to develop their data asset management platform which optimize efficiency of building operation with 20% savings in operation costs.

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The operation and maintenance management stage occupies the vast majority of the entire project life cycle, and the various links are also intricate. Therefore, it is necessary to standardize the operation and maintenance management mechanism and ensure that all system maintenance and management vendors can implement it in order to achieve sustainable operation step by step.
Construction projects need to rely on close cooperation between architects, subcontractors, and suppliers. However, the roles in the construction project come from different backgrounds and company cultures. It often happens that documents, drawings and other information are scattered in different systems, resulting in acceptance upon delivery. Units or customers need to find information in multiple systems, and even after many years of maintenance, they no longer know where the documents are, which consumes more manpower and costs!

 The engineering drawing data storage system can centrally manage the data of each project case, and it is a good helper for searching and archiving engineering drawing files or design drawing files. When uploading CAD files, the drawing numbers can be automatically coded, and full text retrieval is supported. Under the permission of browsing, DWG files can be viewed online, and the details of the drawing files can be expanded by layering. In addition, it also combines the concept of knowledge management, even if the staff changes or handles multiple contractors, they can also take over the processing to find out the details, follow-up tracking and judgment.