Why choose us?

Airhub is a data-driven lean project management platform. 3D, BIM and data analysis are integrated to produce an efficient workflow. Airhub project management solutions can be customised with a wide range of tools for companies to fully adopt agile and lean process.

Cross Platform

Deploy across multiple devices to manage all processes via web technology without the need for native software.


Flexible communication in real-time to keep everyone in the know.

Agile process

Well-organised task management. Responsive, transparent and quality assured collaborative workflows.


All contents, tools, participants and conversation platforms available in one Hub.

  • 3D conversion to WebGL
  • Agile task planning tools
  • Project control tool
  • Documentation tool
  • Communication tools

Data Driven

Enable data analysis and strategic decisions to be made based on organised data.

Workspace Customization

Tailor your workspace to display the contents and features of individual’s work requirement.

Optimised Interface for Real-Time Communication

User friendly interface for ease of use. Optimised process to enhance CAD / CAM user experience.

Real-Time Communication and 3D sharing tools allow prompt exchanges and archiving of information for clarity and efficiency.

Strong community

It is easy to invite people from our CONNECT system. we partenership with:

  • 5+ Hardware accelerators
  • 15+ Experts support in different fields
  • 65+ Suppliers in Taiwan & ShenZhen
  • 3+ Makerspaces

Transparent process

Team control panel organize team communications on one platform.

  • Project Timeline collaboration tool
  • Public and Private channels
  • Agile project management workflow


Verified by experts

" AirHub help our product development more systematic and efficient. It saves us at least 20 % time for project schedule and find appropriate resources"

Denny Tsai- Airfabs

"AirHub helps architcts easy to deploy BIM and lean design and construction process and make buildings save more resources"

SCC SIT, Singapore

" 3D + Trello +Slack and fully integrated process never exisits before. It helps our animators more easy to organize process rather than communicate by tedious Emails""

Chun Chin Su Kdan Mobile

" No such services is specifically designed for Makers. AirHub helps me easily to find appropriate partners to collaborate in one project. It also help my students to join all the design development process of Shenzhen Makerfaire 2016."

Carl Yu Maker

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