Through our Airhub Online digital tools enable faster and more efficient communication during the design, planning, and construction stages, and reduce the opaque transmission of information in the process. Especially in the epidemic, remote work and transnational work have become the norm and becomes more important than ever.

Remote Communication, Agile, and flow control for AEC & 3D product design team

User friendly interface for ease of use. Optimised process to enhance CAD / CAM user experience.
Real-Time Communication and 3D sharing tools allow prompt exchanges and archiving of information for clarity and efficiency

Document Management
Team control panel organize team communications on one platform.
・Project Timeline collaboration tool
・Public and Private channels
・Agile project management workflow
Transparent Process
to adopt agile and OKR management process
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Industrial product design

・Small businesses

・School projects

・3D development
・Construction Site

・Interior design

・Freelance projects
Airhub is Built for Any Kind of Work:
Construction mission room
Knowledge mgnt
Agile Project Managent

Through the Gantt chart and task board, integrate BIM and project status in different periods to visualize management. Distinguish between the planned schedule and the actual schedule to facilitate the comparison of effects, so that the owner and all participants can have a clearer grasp of the progress of the project and have a more systematic understanding of the whole life process of the building. .

Remote Real Time Communication
Flexible communication in real-time and keeps everyone in the know.
Share model in real time for  remote collaborate users.  Supports chat messages, pictures, files and initiate video calls, making it easier for project participants to communicate and record discussions.

Airhub provide basic 20 types of notes and flow control for Contract management, quality management, safety management, site management, asset management, supply chain management, handover inspection management and BIM clash detection

User can upload excel and word to turn to digital sheets.

Sheet Flow Control
6D project management
6D project management